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The Broad Picture

Broadwater Lake is a stunning body of water that runs parallel to the River Thames, stretching almost a mile in length from Weybridge to Walton-on-Thames.


It boasts a fascinating history dating back to Tudor times, originally forming part of Henry VIII’s grounds.


In recent years, the Lake has fallen into a state of serious disrepair – banks are crumbling away and silt, debris, rubbish and fallen trees need clearing.


We have a broad vision to restore the Lake to its former glory; to create a haven for plants and wildlife to thrive in; most importantly, to provide a beautiful natural space for everybody in our community to enjoy.

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A Broad Success

Following a ten-year campaign by the BCS, Elmbridge and Surrey Councils agreed to fund a public path on the north side of the Lake in 2017, which now runs from Walton-on-Thames to Weybridge.


The path provides a stunning nature walk between the two towns for thousands of people of all ages, including commuters, ramblers, parents, children, dog walkers, runners, cyclists, fishermen and visitors to the area.


However, the Lake itself remains in a desperate state of disrepair, a situation that threatens its future and the abundant array of of wildlife and plant species that call it home.

A Broader Success

In 2018, the BCS successfully secured funds for a survey to assess the condition of the Lake. The money was granted from Elmbridge Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Fund, for a costed survey.


The survey has now been carried out and has reported on the following:

  • the cost of removing the silt

  • all repairs required to the inlet/outlet pipes

  • the banks’ subsidence

  • the state of the weir

  • how to dredge the Lake of silt and fallen trees

  • how to restore reed beds for wildlife to flourish


You can read the full report HERE.